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Crosslinked PE Foam (Eva/Capcell) - Fitment

Crosslinked PE Foam (Eva/Capcell) -

Goldcoin Packaging Pvt Ltd - Crosslinked PE Foam (Eva/Capcell) Fitment

Crosslinked PE Foam (EVA/Capcell) fitments are custom-designed foam inserts used to secure and protect products during shipping and transportation. They are typically used in combination with a larger container or packaging material, such as a box or crate, to provide added cushioning and protection for fragile or sensitive items.

Crosslinked PE Foam (EVA/Capcell) fitments can be designed to fit the specific size and shape of the product they are intended to protect. They can be fabricated with various densities, thicknesses, and surface finishes to accommodate different product types and handling requirements.

The fitments are typically manufactured by cutting and shaping Crosslinked PE Foam (EVA/Capcell) sheets or rolls into the desired shape using a die-cutting or CNC cutting process. Adhesive can also be applied to the foam surface to secure the fitment in place inside the container or packaging.