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About Us

About Us


Goldcoin Group has been into the manufacturing of Rigid & Flexible Packaging products since 2005 and has gained its market position as one of the leading quality manufacturers in India. We have realized over these years that packaging is one of the most important components for any product to be successful as it protects, preserves and delivers them with ease and convenience. With the vast experience over these years and also the feedback and information from the market, we have gone ahead with the forward integration in terms of putting up converting/fabrication units across various locations in order to cater to Electronics, White goods and Automobile, Renewable Energy & Insulation Giants.

We started this exercise 10 years back and have been successful in installing multiple converting / fabrication units across India and continuously striving to expand our base in other territories as well.

Today, we are proud to positions ourselves as just not only product suppliers but also complete packaging solution providers where we assist our customers based on their functional requirements, to develop customized products suiting to their specific applications. With this our customers just have to discuss their requirement and we deliver them, through our expertise, total solution for their packaging needs.

With a wide array of 15 varied products, we are capable of developing the complete solutions inhouse, thus providing our customers with reliable, robust and functional packaging products.

Our vision is to be in the proximity of all the major manufacturing giants, there by committing them and delivering the right solution with Just in Time concept to their door steps.

What are the 3 P's of packaging?
To recap, if you want to improve and make your packaging stand out, don't forget the 3 P's – Protection, Preservation and Presentation! Increase your shelf life, reduce spoilage of goods, protect yourself against damage and effectively boost brand awareness!
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To offer products which are sustainable and recyclable and to create a positive impact by working towards reducing the waste generation, improving the recyclability, and thus eyeing towards protecting our environment and conserving the natural resources.


01 To cater cost effective, well tailored and top quality Plastic Packaging products to our customers.
02 To become a single source manufacturer and supplier in Packaging, Abrasives & Insulation segment.


Aim towards sustainability

Continuous product development

Maintaining the quality standards

Fulflling customer’s expectations

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Our vision is to enhance the value of life

by taking a step forward to conserve our natural resources all across the globe,

through our extensive range of PLASTICS PRODUCTS