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Stretch Film

Stretch Film

  • Stretch Films are three layer cast film imparting excellent film properties like high puncture resistance, elongation, uniform thickness, high dart impact strength and good clarity

    Performance Features :
    1. Cost Effective
    2. Ultimate Performance
    3. Stiff Film
    4. User Friendly
    5. Economical Transportation / Shelf Space
    6. Environmental Friendly
    7. Excellent Optic

    Types of Rolls
    1. Machine roll: superior load retention to reduce shifting and movement, Excellent puncture resistance with better protection and clearer film. Suitable for conventional and power pre-stretch machine wrapping of palletized goods.
    2. Hand roll: light weight and easy to use. Manual wrapping of palletized wood, bricks, paper and other industry products.Its cellular structure makes it highly shock-absorbent and durable for all packaging needs.

    Benefits of cast stretch films
    1. Protection from moisture, dirt & abrasion:
    Stretch film protects against these elements, safeguarding the goods it wraps.

    2. Reliable Performance:
    The security associated and with the holding performance, load retention and protection is readily evident

    3. Scan through optics:
    The superior appearance and clarity of cast stretch film enable code to be quickly scanned and read while protecting labels and codes printed underneath the film.

  • Plant Capability
    1. Installed Capacity 200 MT. per Month
    2. Type of Flutes Straight / Normal Flutes S -Type
    3. Maximum Width 1500 mm
    4. Thickness Range 2.0 to 6.0
    5. GSM Range 275 gsm to 1900 gsm (Based on Thikness)

    Thickness to Grammage (GSM) Range

    Characteristics Method Measurement Unit Value
    Thickness Micron 7
    Density ASTM D-1505 gr/cc 0,916-0,919
    Impact resistance(dart test) ASTM D-1709 gr. 28
    Tensile strength at yield MD ASTM D-882 B N/mm2 9
    TD N/mm2 8
    Tensile strength at break MD ASTM D-882 B M Pa 23
    TD M Pa 16
    Elongation at beak MD ASTM D-882 B % 130
    TD % 750
    Tear resistance MD ASTM D-1922 mN 1030
    (Elemendorf) TD mN 2450
    Guaranteed stretch GCPL
    Method % 10
    Stretch GCPL %
    Method % 15
    Cling GCPL
    Method g 125

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