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Design Department

  • Over 7 years of combined design expertise.
  • Personnel trained in foam fabrication and packaging system design.
  • Use of the latest in CAD/CAM & CDR technology.
  • Complete Prototype and proposal drawing capability.


Our quoting methods provide you with complete information from budgeting through to delivery of product and nearly all projects are quoted with in 24 hours. Fast turnaround for planning/purchasing decisions. Solid information to help with budgeting


Accurate prototypes available upon design completion using the sample making machines at both of our facilities. Prototypes give us the opportunity to work with your team to refine and finalize a design before production begins.

Lead Time

Lead times may vary depending on the complexity of the part but many orders are delivered in 1 or 2 days. We maintains its own fleet of delivery vehicles. Our on-time delivery translates into your continuous production.


We maintain our own fleet of delivery vehicles to insure timely delivery right to your facility.


We offer several programs to meet your logistical needs. Our "Zero Backlog" approach to manufacturing means you will always have product in days, not weeks.

Quality Standards

Quality is designed into every part and assembly, from initial proposal through the manufacturing process. Total team compliance with our quality control procedures throughout each project insures your complete satisfaction. The Quality Management System (QMS) we designed, developed and implemented provides the foundation for the operating parameters of our organization