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Goldcoin Packaging Pvt Ltd is a leader in designing and supplying complete packaging solutions to various industries. Goldcoin Packaging Pvt Ltd has a strong presence in Telecom, Automotive, Renewable Energy, Power Transmission & Distribution and Engineering Industry. Our business concept is to provide Protective Packaging Solutions that reduce total cost and environmental impacts.

By analysing the logistic flow, and choosing the right Packaging Materials to work with, solutions are customized and made cost competitive. Goldcoin Packaging Pvt Ltd has State-Of-The-Art test equipment to analyze the effectiveness af its Optimized Solution.

Goldcoin Packaging Pvt Ltd works with a total cost approach when designing packaging solutions which are based on balancing the following factors:

  • Lower Packaging Cost by using the right Packaging Material
  • Reduction of Product Damages through Superior Protection
  • Decreased Transportation Cost Per Piece by Packing more products into the Truck or Lowering the Weight/Volume.
  • Faster Packing / Unpacking Time to speed up processes
  • Improved Storage with Foldable Solutions and Better Handling & Movements
  • Environmentally Sound Materials that are completely Recyclable And Sustainable

Goldcoin Packaging Pvt Ltd is a group company of Goldcoin Foam Pvt Ltd, & Goldcoin Polyplast which itself are the major manufacturer & exporter of all protective packaging material.

Goldcoin Packaging Pvt Ltd is a group company of Goldcoin Foam Pvt. Ltd. company's roots are based in large scale in protective packaging solution, which remains a core element of our business.

We perform work in the areas of Automobile Industry, Glass Industry. Engineering Industry, Electronic Industry, Ceramic Industry etc focusing on protective packaging in Expanded Polyethylene Foam, XLPE Foam, Air Bubble Film, PE Stretch Film, PP Flute Board, Wooden Pellets, Laminated Pouches with EPE and Air Bubble Film.

Goldcoin Packaging Pvt Ltd is a leader in the area Protective Packaging with timely service and excellent quality including guaranteed protection to your valuable product to reach safely and abrasion free to its final destination with a tradition steeped on integrity and professionalism, resulting in a successful past and a promising future, Goldcoin Packaging Pvt Ltd is the groups first step in fulfilling that promise to advanced.

The keys to our company's success are: Ethics, Expertise, People, Professionalism, Responsiveness, Safety, Value and Quality, which have all helped us to continually grow our company.